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Emmett is equally effective on both humans and animals. The same principles apply relating to the use of light pressure to create effective muscle action through memory re-calibration.

This gentle and safe muscle release technique can increase movement, improve balance and flexibility, and aid in delivering increased performance for your horse.

What to expect:

You will be asked a few questions regarding the concerns you may have about your horse.

Your horse will be assessed and can be treated in any safe, enclosed area.

Treatment times vary according to the horse's needs and comfort levels.

The animal's welfare is always a priority.

Allowing processing time is an important element of the Emmett Technique.

We offer a fully mobile service in the south-west and great southern regions of WA.

We come to you...

Would you like to learn how to help your own dog or horse? 

We now offer short courses in Emmett Technique for Animals - contact us for more information:

Emmett for horses: About
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